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Forty Years of waiting Coming to a Close pt. 19

Amputation isn't a small thing. Oh sure it is a common thing that many people face. But it isn't small. There are a lot of changes with how you do things, how you handle physical things and figuring out how to still do most or all you used to do.
There are many things about living as an amputee that I have no clue about. Apprehension has a way of creeping in and trying to steal my excitement. Yet, I am not not weak minded or easily swayed from paths that I set myself on. One I make up my mind on something it is pretty much a done deal. Sometimes I procrastinate and sometimes I am full steam ahead. But either way I get it done.
As I am typing this my leg is throbbing, it smells because I need to change the bandaging and hurts for many reasons. I haven't taken my pain pills yet but will shortly. It is those reasons above that help keep me focused on wanting this amputation. And too, I have received nothing but kind, supportive words from all of you reading my many post. Thank you for those.
I look at this amputation as a way of moving forward but also to eliminate pain, discomfort and smell. Many of you who struggle with back pain, Fibo, or some other form of painful struggles daily have said on Facebook over the years - wish I could get a new back or body. Sadly that isn't an option for you. Lord knows I wish it was.
For me I have an option. Only two things stood in my way - finding a doctor who agreed to my wishes and being brave enough to go through with it.
A lot of what I am saying in this post I have said before. I guess the point of this post would have to be this. No matter what you are struggling with, no matter how bad things get or how much pain you face never give up. If you are offered a form of treatment that can give you release find the strength to go through with your option.
And no matter what you face in life. No matter how big the hurdle remember there are others out there facing the same hurdles. Dealing with the same kind of pain. YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggles.