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Unsent Letters Needs You

Have you ever written a letter but for what ever reason you didn't send it? Maybe you felt it wasn't the right thing to say or maybe it was the right thing but that person passed away before you could send it.

Whatever the reason Unsent letters can be and are keepsakes for many people all over the country and world. They tuck them away as a way to remember what they wanted to say or meant to say. They cherish those letters as a way of keeping the love, passion, fear, anger or whatever it was that made them write them alive.

Twin Trinity Books in conjunction with Accentuated Writers Forum and headed by Editor and professional dreamer Michelle Devon has collected a series of Unsent Letters in a book to be published very soon. To do so requires funds to pay for printing, binding, and other items. It is also their hope to find a distributor willing to ship all over the country so everyone can enjoy this wonderful collection of Unsent Letters. They need your support.

To make a donation please check out this wonderful site for more information - Unsent Letters