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Day of Rememberance

America is a country with a high resolve to over come. That resolve has been tested time and time again since the first settlers came to this continent.

The Revolutionary War brought us together as a nation bound together by a common desire to live independently from another country.

The Civil War forced us to take a serious look within ourselves and find the courage to stand, brother against brother, father against son, family against family and stand up for what we believed.

World War II forced us to take a stand by awaking us to realize that the world affairs were indeed our affairs. We learned we could not stand idly by and expect the world to respect our resolve.

Our lessons have been hard. Our losses has been great yet we've remained strong.

Ten years ago today once again or resolve was tested not by another nation nor by a dictator but by a terrorist. A terrorist who's only true goal was to break our resolve and make us question the very foundation of belief we live. This terrorist brought the fight to us in our very home and we met him head on.

Like in every other time in history we gathered together. As a nation we told the world we will not run, we will not hide, we will not crumble, we will not fear but we will over come. We will meet this challenge head on. We will hold our head high, reaching out to our brothers and sisters offering encouragement and support. Together we have moved forward! Together we have fought! Together will have survived!

America stands before you today as a re-united nation bound within our resolve to maintain our independence and not live in fear or hate. You can burn our homes, destroy our buildings or crash our planes but you can not, will not ever break our spirit!