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Davison Talk Network: Keep Sakes and More

Davison Talk Network

Recently, I have been working with a friend on a new website/business proposal. Davison Talk Network an online broadcasting network providing lifestyle and entertainment programming. For me this is an exciting website to be involved in and one I feel has great potential to grow over time.

What is Davison Talk Network exactly? Davison Talk Network is a locally own, privately ran website offering live and prerecorded entertainment, news, political commentary and many more yet to come. Check out some of the currently available content in the link below:


What can you expect to hear on the videos currently offered on Davison Talk Network? Check out:

What's going on with George Moss. George Moss is a professor who brings you his views and out looks of politics and every day life.

Whats up with Kev: Community Talk.  Watch Kevin Manning as he gives his opinions on things like swag pants, video games and provides informational content about health products and cooking.

These are just two of the current offerings and there are more coming every week.

While you are checking out Davison Talk Network don't forget to look under the "Other Services" tab. There you will find video services being offered. Current services include:

Living Will: Let your family know how much you love them by giving them a keepsake video.
Reunion: Keep your family and friends back home up to date about things going on in your life.

Other services soon to be offered - Weddings and receptions, birthday parties for young and old, and special event. Email or call for more information about any of our services.

Davison Talk Network