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My burns and the struggles I"ve faced with my leg - Pt.6

It has been a while since I last posted concerning my leg. I wanted to postpone anything about my leg until the pictures showed clear improvement from almost a 8 months ago.

Finally, I can post these pictures and believe they will clearly show just how much healing has taken place. I still have to wonder if having my leg amputated would have been the better course of action. I fear that even if these wounds heal completely it will only be a matter of time before they reopen.

The only thing that has changed over the years is I now have medical coverage to get treatment if and when I need it. I can hope and pray that some day in the future there is a treatment where vain replacement is possible. Until that time I hold no hopes in permanent healing of my leg. I will however hold hope that I continue getting the release from the smell, pain and discomfort that has plagued me for so many years. That in and of itself is worth more then anything to me.

I will be posting more pictures some time but I make no promises as to when. Please if you read my post let me know. Leave a comment or send me a half million dollars so I can buy myself some property to raise abandoned cats, dogs and other wild animals. Comment or money - I'm not picky.  LOL 

I will give once again this warning but make no apologies - these pictures are not for the faint of heart. So view at your own discretion.