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Forty Years of waiting Coming to a Close pt 11

For those keeping track of my upcoming amputation/surgery -
Apparently my pretesting for lab and EKG are the 28th of April. Oops...Already done both. :) All my lab work came back good. EKG I am not sure of at this moment since I haven't received results yet to my knowledge.
I am a tad surprised that the morning of the surgery the only medication I can take is my Amlodipine for blood pressure. But suits me just fine.
I think the most surprising thing I read was on the Post Operative Instructions page. It says can shower the day after surgery. Hmm...I have had 92 skin graft operations and a couple other operations in my life time. Showering or bathing other than a sponge bath wasn't something that would happen until two to three days after surgery at the earliest. Now I am not complaining. If I can take a shower the day after surgery you can bet that is what I will do.
Anyway give me a leg up if you know of anything else I might want to be aware of. Ummm...I mean a heads up. :)