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Forty Years of waiting Coming to a Close pt 10

Why I chose an amputation verses continued wound care.
The simplest answer to that would be I'm tired. I am tired of all things related to dealing with open wounds (pain, smell, etc). I am tired of bandaging and not seeing permanent healing over a long period of time. And I am tired of the wounds themselves. This has been a forty year battle for me. One that I have had through two marriages, college, twenty five year of working and just trying to enjoy life.
But there are other things that contribute into my decision for the amputation as well. Things far worse than being tired - possibility of cancer! The fear and concern of developing cancer in my legs is very real. Forties years I have been risking the possibility of getting cancer.
Cancer, any cancer is scary enough. But according to the doctors I have spoken with, none of whom agreed to amputate, cancer in the leg due to acute ulcers is hard to treat and generally lead to amputation and possibly death.
Some people would say - OH MY GOD! Not amputation. My logic said - Hmm...permanently deal with the wounds and totally eliminate risk of cancer vs spending rest of my life battling and risking? Yeah... lets get it amputated. It was truly and honestly in my mind the best possible choice of any I had ever had offered.
For the last fifteen years or so I have been asking for, pushing for and praying for one doctor to agree to my desire of an amputation. Thankfully (and unfortunately for those who have dealt with me) I am bullheaded and stubborn. So every time I saw the nurses, wound care specialist and doctors I mentioned amputation of my leg. Every time they either said it wasn't their call, wasn't needed or that no doctor would ever agree to amputate since my leg is still usable. Thankfully Dr. Benjamin Garber agreed with me.