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Forty Years of waiting Coming to a Close pt 14

The upcoming amputation of my leg and the post I have shared openly and willing about my life has been fulfilling to say the least. There will be more to come. I promise you that. But I need to take a few moment and get this off my chest.
Since I have started sharing so much about my life on here I have had a large number of people, both close to me and those I only know through Facebook or the writers forum I am blessed to be a founding member of, suggest I write a book about my life. I at first laughed about it and blew it off. However my life has always been about giving and helping if and where I can. So I am going to put this out there and see if there are any takers.
I am looking for a co-author/ghost writer to help me write this book. I need someone fairly close to me and willing to be in contact with me for regular and at times long periods of time. Someone who can help keep me writing, focused and to also help draw out of my portions of my life that would be good additions to the book.
There is one catch I can't afford to pay anything at this time. What I can and will agree to do is offer a payment percentage per sale of each book if we can get it published or what ever kind of agreement we can work out together.
This is life not reality TV crap.
You can message me here for my email address and phone number.