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Forty Years of waiting Coming to a Close pt 13

Recently I started posting about my upcoming amputation surgery and shared the why I chose this - complications from burns. I am humbled by the outpouring of views, likes, and kind and inspiring uplifting comments.
After about three days of posting I told George Kramer, author of Blind to Blood and the Arcadis series, that the reason I am posting all this about the surgery and my struggles on Facebook was I feel doing so is really what Facebook was intended for. Oh sure I could post on my blog too and get a lot more page-views there, maybe.
Since starting these post I have had at least one post shared with a wonderfully humbling caption added by Alyssa Murray. Thank again Alyssa. Her sharing my post has brought on comments from people on her friends list. At least one of them had read my post to their family and friends. I am blessed that people have found something of value in my posts.
I am not a good man, though I am trying to be a better person. I don't feel I deserve the praise and kind words I am receiving from so many but am truly honored and humbled because of it.
Any thing of value I have within me is not of my own doing. Their are hundreds if not thousands of people that have come and gone in my life that shaped, formed, beat and criticized me over the years to make me who I am. Their value as human beings is far greater than I will ever feel I can measure up to being. I have two sets of parents who I was blessed with. Friends who questioned my decisions and encouraged me on others. I have a brother who I look up to more than he will ever know or understand. But more important to me is God. With my faith in God I would have been lost long ago.
I can't change or undo my past mistakes in life. All I or any of us can do is work harder to be better people each day. Each time we wake and see the sunrise we have a chance to do better, to be better. That is what I am trying to do. That is my life mission.
If I fail to say this later I want to say it now. THANK YOU.