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Where Have You Been?

For some reason I have neglected this blog while working on my other blog. According to my stats I am averaging over 150 views per month on my other blog. That is great but this is or was suppose to be my main blog for daily posting. Not sure how I messed that up.

If you haven't checked my other blog I would be gracefully appreciative if you would check it out. We the People are Confused.  We the People are Confused: Streams of Consciousness seems to be where I spend most of my time ranting about our failing, selfish government and other injustices. That would be funny to those that have known me for a very long time because I know little to nothing about politics and avoid political debates. Sadly as I have gotten older I have come to view things differently and feel that it is every American's responsibility to be heard - even if they're wrong. I'm the first to admit I am likely wrong about a number of things.

I have another blog post also called "Pictures from Emails". I had first started that blog to share some of the wonderful email pictures I had received over the years but shortly after starting it I seem to have lost contact with people that actually send me emails. Only emails I get now are spam, things from FaceBook applications or my many many financial supports in Nigeria wanting me to send my full name, address, banking routing number, phone number, etc etc so I can collect the millions of dollars I've been rewarded from various wealthy persons I don't know. One of these days I will hopefully start receiving emails from people that actually know me and want to share funny, cute or thought provocative pictures with me. Until then I'll sit back knowing I have all the money I'll ever need once I send my information.

If any of you that happen to read this would like to share such emails as mentioned above please let me know. I would love to share with others some of the wonderful pictures I receive.