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My Church and Me

I have been working a lot lately with my home church - Grace Harvest Church in Burton, MI. I started there strictly looking for a church I could attend and feel welcomed - and welcomed I did.

I used to run the camera to record the sermons for our website but the last few weeks I've moved upstairs to the sound both area. In the sound both my job is to operate the program for the projector. Part of this job - my choice - is to prepare slides of the sermon outline and other related items for each Sunday.

When we first started using the projector system we mainly used it to display the song lyrics we were singing and show announcements. I am going to do everything I can to increase the use of the projector so our members get the very most out of each sermon.

You can learn more about my church on our website by clicking on the link above or visit us on FaceBook at Grace Harvest Church in Burton, MI.