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What if We Could

We the people are Confused have a love - hate relationship with the United States government. We love this country but it is painful to watch as our elected officials - who we are suppose to trust - continually screw over the people of America. Sometimes we wish we could collectively start a Civil Lawsuit against the Federal Government and here are the charges that are most fitting:

1. Perjury - lying to the American people over their handling of Government affairs.

2. Malicious Intent - Degrading of the American values as set forth in the constitution falsely accusing person or groups of people of being the blame.

3. Bribery - Paying for and accepting payments from special interest and Lobbyist to insure governmental support.

4. Fraud - Deceptive practice of lying to the American people for personal or political gain.

5. Domestic Espionage and Stalking - Spying on, invading of persons within the United States without due process. (internet spying by the FBI, data collection of information without consent, etc)

6. Misappropriation of Funds -Pork spending and use of Governmental offices, equipment, and property (land, buildings, aircraft, etc) for personal use and personal financial gain.

7. Embezzlement - Mishandling, misdirecting of funds as otherwise established for said funds (Social Security, Education, Medicare, etc).

I'm not a lawyer and make no attempt at starting any kind of movement or creating problems for any person or persons. Mostly I am an American citizen that is sick and tired of feeling like we're getting screwed over in every area of our lives.

It is my belief the economy is in the state its in due largely to Government mishandling. We the people are confused why it is so hard for our Government to work FOR the people since they are OF the people and elected BY the people.