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Forty Years of waiting Coming to a Close pt 4

Answers to questions asked about my upcoming leg amputation.
I do not know the exact date yet of the surgery. I am calling them today to set that up.
The amputation will be above the knee amputation. Doctor explained that I will be in the hospital about five days. After that I will spend about two weeks in amputee rehab learning how to function with only one leg.
Yes, I am or suppose to be getting a prosthetic. That will be between three to six months down the line according to the doctor.
I am assuming I will be at the O.S.F. St. Francis hospital in Peoria, IL for the amputation. After that I am not sure where the rehab facility is located. If I'm lucky it is in Hawaii and they fly me there free. (yeah, not holding my breath on that)
Yes, I am scared. Not of the amputation. I am scared about all the unknowns at this moment. But really aren't we all?
Yes, I know with out any doubt this is what I want to do. I can not see any thing bad coming from this. However if I am wrong I won't have a leg to stand on in an argument.
OK you all I am stumped (pun) about what other questions I had at this time. If I remember or get more I will answer them.